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The Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival (HKAFF) is a quarterly online film festival meant to showcase innovative independent cinema from around the world by up-and-coming artists.

HKAFF hopes to be the voice and representation for films with a unique voice and message, regardless of how low the budget might be.

Aiming to inspire, motivate and award new talent.


All submissions are privately screened every quarter and evaluated by an international team of experts in the industry. .



The Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival accepts all forms and genres: short films, medium length films, feature films, drama, experimental, comedy, horror, slow cinema, sci fi, fantasy, animation, documentary, ... Go to our Filmfreeway listing to enter your film.

The Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival accept all forms and genres. Films must be submitted via online screener (Vimeo, YouTube, or FilmFreeway Screener). All non-English language films must be subtitled in English. Entry does not guarantee acceptance into the festival. Submissions WILL NOT be returned. We also accept submissions that have premiered elsewhere and that may have distribution agreements already in place. Multiple entries are allowed, however a separate entry form must be submitted for each.

The filmmaker holds the Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival, its management, juries, subsidiaries, agents, sponsors, affiliates, and etc. harmless from any and all claims of liability resulting from entry. The filmmaker certifies to have full rights. Producer will indemnify the organisers of the Festival against all claims, demands, costs, damages, expenses (including legal fees), proceedings and losses resulting from the screening of the film at the Festival or from claims by any third parties.


Summer 2017
offical selection

The 2017 Fall selection will be announced on September 22nd, 2017.

The Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival aims to showcase dozens of feature and short films. Each film we designate as an "Official Selection" will receive a high-resolution .png image of our festival laurels to be used for marketing and promotional materials as the filmmaker sees fit Out of the official selections, an international jury will select one winner in each category (Narrative feature, Documentary feature, Narrative short, Documentary short...) The winning filmmakers will receive a high-resolution .png image of our festival laurels with the "WINNER" label to be used as the filmmaker sees fit. With the filmmaker's permission, we will also host the winning films prominently on our website.

Award Categories

Best Narrative Feature Film
Best Documentary Feature Film
Best Animated Feature Film
Best Narrative Short Film
Best Documentary Short Film
Best Animated Short Film
Best Underground Film
Best Experimental Film
Best Music Video

Summer 2017

Best Narrative Feature Film, Summer 2017
Past Imperfect (Belgium) by Nathalie Teirlinck

When Alice’s ex-boyfriend dies in a car accident, she’s unexpectedly confronted with her six-year-old son, whom she had abandoned at birth. His presence not only threatens her routine existence as a luxury escort but also exposes strongly suppressed emotions. Doubt strikes again. Will she be able to be a mother this time?

Best Documentary Feature Film, Summer 2017
My Best (United Kingdom) by Luigi Maria Perotti

George Best is one of the greatest footballers to have played the beautiful game. His tragic death at the hands of alcohol left many issues unresolved within his family, none more so than with his only child Calum. Mirroring his father’s lifestyle, Calum has gone down a path that has left him lost, without direction. On the 10th anniversary of his father’s death, Calum decides to embark down a new road to discover the real George Best. Calum believes that by going through this process he will learn what really made his father tick, and in so doing discover who he really is as his father’s so

Best Animated Short Film, Summer 2017
THE SCARLET WHALE (Colombia) by jimmy cho (cho jim san)

This is the story of a whale hunter, Coming from a family that for generations has been dedicated to kill this giant and noble creature. A series of unfortunate events will make lose the most precious: his wife and son. At the same time, he gets a second chance, he suffers a transformation that makes him into a whale, this way he see the world differently and begins to understand why his punishment. The last flashes of memory that still remain, give him a reason to stay alive in their new condition of cetacean. The daily subtracts a portion of his humanity, and as a last desire embarks on a journey to the sea in search of his destiny.

Best Music Video, Summer 2017
Mr. Shady (Finland) by Henrik Sundström, Mia-Irene Sundqvist

The song Mr. Shady is inspired by the relationship between neighbors, both good and bad. It is about how people perceive you and your own self reflection. The tune has a warm lo-fi feel, that resonates well with the music video. The story takes place in a dollhouse in the 70’s, and it’s about living close to your neighbors, jealousy and revenge starring the three characters Brian, Steve and Dolly.

Best Hong Kong Cinema, Summer 2017
Hourglass (Hong Kong) by Wilkins Ho

The epilogue and prologue of a breakup

Best Narrative Short Film, Summer 2017
Stray (United States) by Jingyuan Wang

Dodge has a fight with Ashley and leaves the house. Ashley runs away with her lover while Dodge is out. In the street, Dodge meets a homeless man. The homeless man pees in front of him and then falls asleep. He says everything that he wants to tell his wife to the asleep homeless man. When he returns home, he finds out that his wife has already left the house.

Best Documentary Short Film, Summer 2017
Eloy (United Kingdom) by Harry Woollacott

Eloy Morales might be one of the best in the world at hyperrealistic oil painting. It ceases to be representation at this point, as the renderings are an almost exact copy. This mini doc looks gives you a small glimpse into his world, observing his process and watching his creations unfold.

Best Underground Film, Summer 2017
Saga, a Black Metal Viking Biker-film with Zombies (Norway) by Jorn Steen

A group of Black metal rockers advances from making music videos to a full viking film. In the ancient norse sagas they find a viking zombie story and they start shooting with the help of their biker friends. In a parallell crime story their managers arsons a church in order to get the band to pose in front of the flames. The band refuses, as it is too nineties. But a gang of christian biker chicks sets out on a rampant revenge.

Best Experimental Film, Summer 2017
Vernae (United States) by Ethan Folk

An arresting and immersive inundation of transgressive images and hypnotic sound. Vernae queers the concept of human sacrifice - particularly the death dance of Le Sacre du Printemps (Stravinsky's iconic 1913 ballet) - to examine violence arising from communal constructs.

Narrative Feature Film, Summer 2017
VORTEX (Canada) by Jephté Bastien

Log-line: We are going to open the door to the energetic world of your enemies. Vortex takes us into the heart of a fantastic story that transports into the world of JAZZ, a young woman who does not know her roots, whose life will shift because of the shenanigans of her sister by marriage: the unhealthy Sacha - very jealous and endowed with dishonest intentions. She will introduce Jazz to two faces Stone; trailed by an heavy past and an obscure present. This meeting will be the beginning of the descent into hell for Jazz. In this interlope world where men have a hole in the place of the heart, will Ana, the spiritual guide, save Jazz? How will they open this door to the energy world of Jazz’s enemy? Jazz will endeavour to exorcise the evil and finally return to her roots to appropriate her identity.

Narrative Feature Film, Summer 2017
Genius Loci (Switzerland) by Pascal Griesshammer

Franzi got herself involved in an amateurish bank heist by her boyfriend Stefan and her secret lover Peter. When only one of them returns to the getaway car, Franzi takes off in a haste. During her flight she takes refuge in a seemingly abandoned house full of secretive rooms. But while Franzi conceals herself from the world, the house develops a haunting life of its own. Soon the young woman can not be sure, whether she’s still in hiding, or if she is already caught in a nightmarish phantom world. And has the estate agent, who causes Franzi to flee even deeper into the house, some hidden agenda? A house from the beginning of the 20th century with its typically Swiss furniture of the 70ies plays a pivotal role in this atmospheric, intimate, slowly building horror-film: Genius Loci. Its unique sound design and the texture of the images create a hypnotic mood.

Animated Feature Film, Summer 2017
Release from Heaven (Iran, Islamic Republic of) by Ali Noori Oskouei

In a war torn country, a female writer and teacher has to accompany two of her students on a life changing journey.

Documentary Feature Film, Summer 2017
AWAKEN (China) by Jiawei Ning

(awaken)is an experimental creative film that based on the fish men in my home town to explore the gentle relationship between people and nature.

Narrative Short Film, Summer 2017
Totem (Germany) by Youri Tchao-Débats

Animals are walking on the deserted streets of the city. Karim has found a shelter on a rooftop overpeering Paris. He is waiting for Audrey to come for an interview. During this one-on-one everything is questioned. Man, woman, animal. There are no borders anymore, the souls are unveiled.

Narrative Short Film, Summer 2017
The Fame Lady (Puerto Rico) by Stephanie Camacho Casillas

Marcos, a university student, talks with his psychologist about a forbidden love. He has become obsessed to the point that he knows where the lady is and what she does everyday.

Narrative Short Film, Summer 2017

Luka, 30, is connected to websites to meet some women. It's his way to have sex. Direct hook-ups. As every night, he starts his preparation for the first meeting but, this time, there's something going wrong, something he doesn' expected...

Narrative Short Film, Summer 2017
Bullroarer (United States) by Francesco Saviano

Escaping city life, a young man takes a trip to a remote cabin - only to discover that something ominous may be lurking close by.

Narrative Short Film, Summer 2017
The Joyous Farmer (Sri Lanka) by Hiran Balasuriya

Ratnapala is an impoverished and alcoholic farmer living in Sri Lanka's dry zone. Having sold all his possessions to drown his sorrows, he lacks industry and motivation. His environment is desolate and his future is bleak. After an encounter with a government official, he is prescribed an experimental drug to enhance his work ethic.

Narrative Short Film, Summer 2017
Others like you (Italy) by Eugenio Villani

Ester is a woman who has a strong longing to get pregnant. Following a surgical procedure, though, Greta – her family doctor and long-standing friend – diagnoses her with total sterility. Ester’s original desire thus becomes a growing obsession, and Ester starts having one-night stands hoping for a miracle. After the nth casual encounter, some early symptoms and a positive pregnancy test brings back the hope she had almost completely lost.when greta - who had the same experience as ester in the past and could never have children - gets to know about ester’s pregnancy, she becomes mad with jealousy: she will do anything she can to make ester face the same fate as her.

Narrative Short Film, Summer 2017
HEY (Puerto Rico) by Angel Janer, Peter Jones

A young introverted computer programer searches for a relationship with women.

Narrative Short Film, Summer 2017
Rat (United Kingdom) by Eray Ismailov

The everyday routine of a man shifts by a quiet interaction with an unexpected house guest - a rat, which existence, he realises, mirrors his own.

Narrative Short Film, Summer 2017
We don't bury animals (France) by Thibaut CHARLUT

Enzo is 19 years old and lives in disinherited districts of a small town in East of France. There, the countryside is neither peaceful nor verdant : it is in a violent and gathered universe that Enzo and his best friend Hugo look to kill time during summer holidays. Bored by his peers’ immobilism, he feels in his burgeoning love with Elisa a way out to a more promising future.

Animated Short Film, Summer 2017
Xamarim (Hungary) by Bálint Rafael Kelen

A short non-dialogue experimental animation about the great Xamarim.

Animated Short Film, Summer 2017
Leitvox-Pale Love (Mexico) by Christian Cooley

‘Pale Love’ is a short film directed by the music producer Christian Cooley (AKA Leitvox). The film tells a story about a woman that takes a journey to a distant planet in search of questions rather than answers; to understand the importance of being able to step away from assumption, cultivate doubt and find pleasure in mystery. This animated piece is developed in various environments starting with motion particles that are modulated by a human voice, then the story takes you to a surreal place with a woman’s figure playing with shapes of light generating an atmosphere where she contemplates unfamiliar objects and worlds. The animation and design apply various color techniques that create depth, strong tones and solarized textures in this psychedelic-style short film.

Animated Short Film, Summer 2017
Job Interview (Finland) Juha Fiilin

In a world like hell, slum dweller Oogle gets a chance to talk to God, who seems to be on the brink of burn out. Burning hot sunrise over an endless slum world. The slum is so polluted that there aren’t even enough rats to eat, yet Oogle wakes up in his cardboard shack full of positive energy. His partner Joy is full of anger, she blames God in his big tower for not caring. Oogle thinks that God might just need a little help. To Oogle’s surprise, he is given a sign to come to God’s tower for a job interview – with cosmic consequences.

Hong Kong Cinema, Summer 2017
Lost Cemeteries (Hong Kong) by Ying Kuen Ho

Tung and Yan, brothers from a single-parent family, solely rely on their mother who operates a store selling inceses in a wet market for living. After a year their mother has passed away, the government now implements a plan to demolish the public estates for redevelopment. The elder brother, Tung, decided to continue his mother's business before the market is completely vacanted, while Yan fled to Taiwan to study drama. The younger brother has never forgotten his mother and he is even not so willing to face up to the death of his mother. He decided to write a story happened in ruins of buildings: two monkeys who know how to speak met up for a discussion on whether they have a mother. One day, a documentary director came to the estate to interview residents. Being one of the interviewees, Tung was told that some neighbors did bump into his dead mother before.

Hong Kong Cinema, Summer 2017
The buddha,the red shoes and the kite (Hong Kong)

A sixteen-year-old juvenile offender was rescued to the Pingan Temple by the abbot on the day when he was discharged from prison accidently. The abbot gave him an kite.He got used to the life in temple gradually. Until one day a woman came. He often watched her dancing slinkingly. He found out the woman was a prostitute unintentionally. And he witnessed that she killed a man who had an affair with her by accident. He had to choose between law and affection. The abbot fled to the temple years ago because he raped his adopted daughter. However he couldn't get out of it. This three people went downhills and found the adopted daughter had been living a happy life. Then they left. After that the abbot passed away. The prostitute was caught. The boy stayed at the temple and became the next abbot.

Hong Kong Cinema, Summer 2017
Anchor Baby (Hong Kong) by Kristie Ko

Lana, a young Chinese woman, faces an unplanned pregnancy. In order to hide her pregnancy from her parents, Lana travels to LA, determined to survive on her own. But Lana strikes an unlikely friendship with Mae, the owner of the nail salon down the street and an immigrant herself. As the months pass, the two women grow closer, until Mae's concern for the pregnancy becomes too much.

Hong Kong Cinema, Summer 2017
Anxi (Hong Kong) by Tam Mung Kiu

It's a project about anxiety. It's a project about feeling.

Documentary Short Film, Summer 2017
Split by the State (Australia) by Gina Shakespeare

In 2012, facing deadly persecution by the Chinese communist regime for their beliefs, Eric and his mother manages to escape to Australia. However, his father is not so lucky. He is locked up in China’s notorious prison system, where he is tortured and abused – his only ‘crime’ being his faith in Falun Gong - ancient Chinese spiritual discipline consisting of moral teachings and gentle energy exercises which improve health and energy levels. The news that Australia’s Prime Minister will visit China offers Eric a glimmer of hope, and he pleads for government intervention in his father’s case. Fear, sadness and worry accompany Eric daily, but instead of giving up, he sees it as an opportunity for personal growth, as well as a chance to help his father. Will his plea to the government be heard? Will his father be released?

Documentary Short Film, Summer 2017
Street of Death (Germany) by Karam Ghossein

In “Street of Death,” the narrator revisits the site of his youth – a lawless slum suburb next to Beirut’s international airport airport, where vendettas, displays of masculinity and raucous street weddings punctuate daily life. A treacherous stretch of highway, coined “Street of Death” after the many young lives lost performing motorcycle stunts, separates the area from the dazzling Mediterranean sea. “Street of Death” draws a raw and intimate portrait of a neighborhood through the stories of five inhabitants, weaving the past and present, and inviting a re-examination of our relationship to the turmoil of adolescence: Do we ever really leave that very first place of precarious living and inflated dreams, or does its resonance ever truly leave us?

Documentary Short Film, Summer 2017
KRISTINA (Norway) by Gunnar Tørnes

A short documentary about an up-and-coming biathlete from Norway and her journey for success.

Underground Film, Summer 2017
Sherry (United States) by Eliane Lima

Sherry is an experimental documentary film which witnesses the private life of Robert, a 75 years old gentleman from Orange County. Every day, Robert transforms himself into a living doll, Sherry. Info: This project began in Fall 2014 when Lucrecia Martel (visiting filmmaker) took a group of CalArts' students to Robert Sherry's house.

Experimental Film, Summer 2017
Gaslight (Three sections) (United States) by Mimi Garrard

"Gaslight" is a videodance in three sections that reflects on the presidential election of 2016.

Experimental Film, Summer 2017
The Place Of Muted Sun (United States) by Nina Koyfman

The film is a three chapter narrative about a girl's tormented internal dialogue, which takes her through the innocence of her past, the whispers of her present, and the inevitable acceptance of her brokenness that she must come to in order to reach internal freedom.

Documentary Feature Film, Summer 2017
The Turtle Rock (China) by Xiao Xiao, Lin Lin

The film evolves around the vexations and struggles of three generations in a tiny mountain village. 80-years-old grandma still labors hard for the family. She burns incense and prays day by day for the fear of upcoming death, and asks her son to come back for company. After her son returns from outside work, he can only do odd jobs in the woods and becomes increasingly impoverished and anxious. Her grandson, tired of being migrant worker in city, back to the mountains and starts his business of raising chickens, but ends up with a complete defeat and being heavily indebted. Meanwhile, her neighbor uncle Li unwillingly comes back home for his eye being injured in industrial job, and suddenly loses all source of income… The piling mountains tightly binds them together and enfetters their fates, just as the giant “Turtle Rock” situated at the gate of the village – it is said that a turtle endeavored to cultivate itself into the heavenly realm, but fell down and being dismembered by the Thunder God, and then transferred into a rock – the village is named after the rock, and also echoes from this heritage.

Experimental Film, Summer 2017
Mind Screen An Exportation Within The Deep (New Caledonia) by Moea Creugnet

The call of the aquatic world... shelter to the self, to the vibration of the body and mind. Oniric, experimental and meditative, Mind Screen is a visual journey transcending the viewer’s cinematic experience. Oscillating between moments of sounds and silence, brightness and darkness, of being awake and asleep. Attempting to investigating the gap between the spiritual and the physical. In a subtle set of light inspired by theatrical and cinematic techniques, the artist makes use of the sublime nature of the sea to recreate an intimate space allowing the examination of the self.

Experimental Film, Summer 2017
She (Plural) (Brazil) by Scott MacLeay

A personal, non-narrative description of an intimate relationship in limbo, distant but not lost, relating the confusion of misunderstood evolutions. The work deals with the notion of equivalence and the ever-present potential for alternative perspectives concerning every aspect of a human relationship.

Music Video, Summer 2017
Parallels - I.R.L (United States) by Jack Chapman

I.R.L has a colourful 80s inspired aesthetic highlighting the retro futuristic story of modern love in the digital age. Directed by Arizona based filmmaker Jack Chapman (British) for Canadian electronic outfit 'Parallels'.

Music Video, Summer 2017
FAWN (Germany) by Anuk Rohde

The Music video FAWN for Mira Wunder's new single "LICHT AUS" is centered around the theme of mother-daughter relationship. The video was shot with the Miscanthus field, situated in the south of Germany, which gives off the historical look of an American plantation. This location, itself, acts like a third character, giving the feeling of imprisonment and entrapment. The intimate setting augments the complex emotional world of a mother and her grown daughter. Only at the end of the film do they find each other, when the rebellious daughter breaks her self-built walls against her mother. Thus, for the first time, they begin to pursue a common goal, in this case symbolized by the common hunt for a chicken. The video was captured by the use of HAWK Anamorphic lenses.

Music Video, Summer 2017
THE DANCE OF THE LIVING STONES (Italy) by Angelo De Grande

An independent group of young Italian artists; a Sicilian indie-rock band; one of the greatest land-art works in the world and a small, fierce town always fighting to keep its memory alive. Combining land-art, dance and music is the ultimate goal of “The Dance of the Living Stones”, a project born to illustrate the image of Sicily and a piece of Italian history in a creative way.

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